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We like to see ourselves as storytellers that captivate your audience with your story by presenting it in a visually stunning and understandable way. 

We are based in Amsterdam, but work with a group of experienced creatives from around the world. They include professional scriptwriters, illustrators, motion designers, animators and sound designers. Why we work with people from all over the world? Because our opinion is that the most talented creatives don't all live in the same place. We want to create the best and most creative animated videos and therefore we work with the best people!

These examples are not our own work, but represent animations that we are capable of producing within each package.

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How do we create these awesome explainer videos?

This is how we work

To create a great and effective explainer video it is essential that we understand your organisation and target audience. As a first step we therefore conduct research; we get to know you, the challenges you face, the market dynamics surrounding your business and most importantly; the goal for your video.
After the research step it is time to create a script. This is arguably the most important step of process as it is the exact message that is conveyed while the animation supports it. A great script will address the problem your customer or organisation faces, it will highlight how your product or service solves this problem, and finally it should have a concrete call to action. The script will do these things in concise and understandable way, in a tone that matches your organisation and its audience.
After the script is approved we move on to create a storyboard. The storyboard is visual translation of the script which consists of a rough sketch of all the main scenes in the video. Next to it will be a description of what is happening in terms of motions. After we have perfected the storyboard it should let you visualise the actual video that will be produced for you.    

At the same time we will get the voiceover ready for you. After you have decided whether you’d like to go for a male or female voice and in which language it has to be, we’ll give you the choice among our network of voiceover talent that relates to you. We will then make sure that the tone of the voiceover matches your organisation, your audience and your message.
Our illustrators and graphic designer will then create the graphic elements that will later be animated in your video. This includes the design of your characters, the scenes and its backgrounds, and all other elements. Your input will make sure that these are exactly the way you want it.
Once the illustrations are done a team of professional animators consisting of motion graphic designers and 2d and 3d animators will truly make your story come to life with animations. The sound effects are then added to the video to make the effects that are used in the video more realistic, and background music is added to enhance the overall perception of the video. Depending on your preference we can proceed in two ways. The first is that we come up with a first draft of your whole video, after which revisions can be made. The second option is that we show you the video’s first 33% once it’s finished, after which we can revise that part, and move on with this process until the video is finished.
After everything is finished and you are truly happy with the result it is time to celebrate! Your video will be delivered to you in HD (1080p) and, if you’d like it, we can give you some final tips on how to promote and distribute your video to make sure it reaches as many people as possible!

a few examples from the realm of possibilities

Infographic animation

Whiteboard animation

Character based Explainer videos

Corporate animation

Screencast animation

Live action animation

kickstarter animation

3D animation

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